The Key to a Great Story – What and How?


I started this series of blog posts with a quote from James Bond’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, expressing that a great story includes who, what, where, when and how, but it was the why that was key to making it great. I’ve so far endeavoured to explain the ‘who?’ of stories, through my posts on the developing characters. Now I am going to start looking at the ‘what’ and the ‘how’? Basically plot, style and structure.

The reason I’ve combined these two concepts is because to me they are inseparable – what is happening and how you tell it are two key components to a great story. You can have the characters, you can put them in a setting and various time periods, but what happens is the story, otherwise there would be no point in having characters or settings. How you tell it also affects the way in which the audience can react to a story. Ideas about perspective can have an effect the characters as well and I will link back to my ideas about characters throughout my posts on plots.

I will be posting about different story types, genres, main plots, sub-plots, story arcs and perspectives. More than that, I will go about explaining why I think mixing all these ideas up rather than picking one and sticking with it makes for much more interesting stories.

Check out my original post to start off my series here – The Key to a Great Story


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