Puzzles that taught me how to write fiction


For the last month or so my mind has been a complete blank when it has come to my blog. It has not been because I don’t have ideas; my brain has just forgotten how to express them of late.

I’ve also been doing a great deal of reflecting. This is I suspect because for the majority of this year I’ve actually managed to keep up with writing my diary. I don’t just end each day and forget about it the next. I sit down, usually on the commute home, and write down my thoughts.

Last week, for reasons unknown to me my mind, decided that it wanted to return to some stories that when I was about nine or ten used to capture my imagination. Amazon, apparently, is great for supplying these sort of whims.

I used to borrow from my local library on a regular basis copies from the Usborne Puzzle Adventure Book Series. On every page there was a puzzle that was included as part of the story, which you had to solve to move on with the story and clues that you needed to remember to understand the plot and answer later questions. They are great fun. I sat on Sunday morning working through ‘Escape from Blood Castle’ . Doing this I remembered how much fun I used to have, while finding a new sort of joy in revisiting the book nearly 15 years later and still having a great time.

I brought a couple of omnibuses of them so in the next couple of months I’m going to have puzzles on my mind, because I will sit with a pen and paper like I used to and enjoy myself solving problems and reading great stories.

It isn’t just a happy trip down memory lane either. These books taught me how to create a plot using cliffhangers and clues weaved together with brilliant illustration to tell an entertaining interactive story.

My plot building skills might be more honed than they used to be but for the moment I’m quite content remembering and revisiting the puzzles that taught me how to write fiction.


About kabrown4

A quaint life full of teacups searched for inspiration to fuel a writer dreaming of fantasy worlds that are full of friends found only in words. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and over the years I have developed many stories and many characters. This is my blog about the journeys I've been on over the years, and the road I'm still travelling as a writer.

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