Film Review – The Edge of Tomorrow



I love Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s new film. I think the tagline Live. Die. Repeat. would make for a better title as it sums the film up brilliantly, but beyond that, there’s nothing else to criticise about the film.

I’m not a one to review actor’s performances or special effects, so quick summary; you don’t really need to see it in 3D as the effects combined with the great choreographing are fine without the need for added dimension; Tom Cruise playing a coward works surprisingly well considering the typecast he has surrounding him; and Emily Blunt is very believable as a kick ass solider.

The structure of the film is absolutely superb. I’ve been a massive fan of time travel ever since the first time I watched Back to the Future as a kid, and time loops have fascinated me ever since I saw Groundhog Day. I’d had such high hopes for Looper when that came out, and I was cripplingly disappointed by it. Edge of Tomorrow lived up to my expectations of time travel sci-fi in Hollywood blockbusters, and I have quite high standards.

The reason why it is so good is because the writing was astoundingly well structured and tight knit. The screenwriter’s Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth had complete control over the shifting days. One thing that can get boring about time loops is the constant repetition. While there was some repetition naturally, information was not unnecessarily repeated, you didn’t see the plot twists coming and you very much had the feeling that the writers had complete respect for the audiences’ intelligence. Fine some things were not said, but there is nothing I love more than scenes cutting straight from action into the middle of a conversation and you immediately know what is going on, because the writing was so concise and so well woven into the action that I was more than able to draw my own conclusions and not lose track of what was happening.

Edge of Tomorrow is well worth going to see, even if sci-fi is not your thing. If you have respect for good writing, go and see it. If you like war movies, go and see it because the battle scenes are ace. If you like unexpected pockets of humour in an otherwise quite serious film, go and laugh along. Most importantly though if you want to see a film where a female character is a solider and not for a single moment is it questioned whether a woman could be solider, neither mind the most respected solider in the entire army, then go along and watch Emily Blunt absolutely own the screen every time she’s on it.




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