Notes on Life No. 6 : Introvert



Sometimes I come across a person who I can see is an introvert. They are shy around the extroverts they’re stuck with and are uncomfortable in their own skin, not because those around them don’t accept them for who they are (which mostly they don’t) but because they have yet to accept themselves as introverts.

At times like this all I can hope is that they have found some comfort and joy in those little bits of the world they have noticed and appreciated which has passed most others by. Naturally of course I can’t just tell them that there’s nothing wrong and that they are not alone: that would make them shrink and cower away at the prosper of contact with a stranger approaching them on the street.

If you read this though, accept who you are and use your strengths to your advantage. You do have them: don’t focus on what everybody tells you that you should be able to do that you can’t. Focus on what you can.


About kabrown4

A quaint life full of teacups searched for inspiration to fuel a writer dreaming of fantasy worlds that are full of friends found only in words. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and over the years I have developed many stories and many characters. This is my blog about the journeys I've been on over the years, and the road I'm still travelling as a writer.

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