Shoddy Second Draft


There is a limit as to how much I can write at once, so blogging of late has taken a back seat to my book. I’ve been busy writing the second draft of my second novel To Light an Inferno and I’ve been recovering for the last week or so from the post draft burnout.
In this reflection time I’ve been thinking about all the decisions that I made that don’t work and all of the decisions I have which have improved my story. I would love to say that the latter of those outweigh the former, but sadly they don’t.
I entered into the writing of my second draft with a much clearer idea of what I wanted to see happen and while I have achieved a lot of what I wanted to see happen I still haven’t written the book that I wanted to write. There is one very simple reason for this; I haven’t managed to get the tone to work.
As a person generally I embrace other people and their ideas and I enrich my life by doing this: unfortunately I incorporate that characteristic into my characters too often. Yes, I want to write tolerant characters, but I don’t want to write doormats either. Even I get angry or offended by the world around me and when I do I speak up about it, I don’t just accept it.
And that is where I’ve gone wrong in my book as there is no conflict between the characters. The book is the second in a series and it is supposed to be a one where the happiness achieved in the first is threatened and torn apart in the second, in particular between all the characters who formed a united front against all the odds that they faced together in the first book. Instead what I’ve done is written another book about them all sticking together and quite frankly it’s boring.
And the lesson I’ve learned: even the second draft can be shoddy, but I’ve learnt how not to write my book as well, which will make the next draft even stronger.


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A quaint life full of teacups searched for inspiration to fuel a writer dreaming of fantasy worlds that are full of friends found only in words. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and over the years I have developed many stories and many characters. This is my blog about the journeys I've been on over the years, and the road I'm still travelling as a writer.

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