The Key to a Great Story – Be inspired by others but write your way

Write the world the way you see it.

Write the world the way you see it.

While I’m writing a guide of how to write a story from the ground up, when it comes to writing I’m a firm believer in doing it your own way. When I first started to read writing advice on the internet, I got so confused and turned around about how I should be writing things that it took a while for me to realise that what I had been doing before had been the right way all along. The right way for me! 

So while I hope anyone who reads my blog series is doing so because they’d like to know a few basics, or because you’re interested in my perspective on the writing way, so lesson one of writing books, please don’t ever forget to write your story your way.

Lesson two; writing is not easy. You need patience, courage, and more than just an idea. You need to be fearless and you need to be stubborn, but as I will discuss in the next couple of posts, not too stubborn and being fearless is just not possible all the time.


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