TV Review – A Town Called Eureka – Season 1



eureka season 1

I missed ‘A Town Called Eureka’ when it first aired as it came out the same year I moved to university. Legal streaming services hadn’t really taken off at the time so being a good girl it wasn’t until a couple of years ago and they were talking about the show ending on season five that I got around to giving it a go. I was hooked pretty much straightaway.

The pilot is stylistically a bit different from the rest of the episodes, but season one is a brilliant introduction to the show’s concept. The town of Eureka is home to pioneering scientists with resources at their disposal to help change the world. When things go wrong it is Sheriff Jack carter’s job to investigate what has happened and get to the heart of the problem.

Series one is mostly episodic, with the majority of the series being self-contained episodes that slowly introduce and develop the characters of the town, including Zoe Carter, who has moved to the town with her father and is exploring the wonders that Eureka can offer; Jo Lupo the Deputy Sheriff and a badass woman with a heart of gold that you would not want to mess with; Alison Blake the Liaison Officer with the Department of Defence who sees Carter’s potential as a great asset to the town; Henry Deacon the mechanic/rocket scientist/best friend who has ethical conflicts with the aims of Eureka but is always there to help save the day; Douglas Fargo, the clumsy genius that always finds himself right in the middle of the trouble and mostly is also the cause of it; and Nathan Stark the scientist in charge of Eureka, who is fiercely intelligent with an ego to match.

This great cast of fully formed and three dimensional characters won my heart from the beginning and I very much credit this to the writer’s and actor’s creating such great characters. I fall in love with characters and their story, not a great plot populated by half-formed people. Admittedly I don’t want a half-baked plot either, but with Eureka you get both. The episodic nature of the first series is underpinned by an arc of a mysterious ‘artefact’ that Nathan Stark is desperate to understand.

Series Highlights

The Pilot and Episode Two ‘Many Happy Returns’ are interconnected and link to the series finale ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and are not to be missed. Another great episode is ‘Invincible’ starring Saul Rubinek as the scientist in trouble for that week. He makes himself invincible by accident which is both funny but also emotionally charged. ‘Purple Haze’ is funny as something in Eureka is making the normally professional and calm population act on their impulses and ‘H.O.U.S.E. Rules’ makes the main characters confront the problems the town is facing because of the discord amongst them.

I may have highlighted just some of the episodes in the series, but this is very much a best of a very good crop. The series is wonderfully entertaining, addictive and great if you’re looking for great television to watch and escape into.


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