TV Review – A Town Called Eureka – Season 2


eureka season 1

The second season of ‘A Town Called Eureka’ picks up from where season one left off, except with this series with the characters and the premise of the show already established the creators of the show were able to take the second series into bolder and even better territory than they had before.

One thing I will comment on about the show overall is that from season to season the show re-invents itself. The change from season one to two is not particularly prominent. The main change is that Nathan Stark is no longer in charge of Eureka, Alison is instead. The change is a minor but it alters a lot in the shows dynamic. It changes how Alison and Jack interact differently, not because Alison’s promotion makes Jack feel threatened but because her role has changed how she needs to approach her work.  It also freed up Nathan as a character to be used in a different way, and you get to see the softer and more compassionate side to the ego of season one.

Series Highlights

It’s very hard to choose highlights as the entire series is brilliant. The two part finale is a definitely a highlight, but then you would expect that from finales. However, if I had to choose, I think the following are the three best mid-season episodes;

‘Games People Play’, where everyone in Eureka is slowly disappearing but only Jack seems to notice. It is very similar to an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called ‘Remember Me’ where Beverly Crusher experiences something similar. It is one of the first episodes where if you’re a bit of a science fiction geek you do notice similarity between Eureka and other well established sci-fi shows, but the writers of Eureka always pull it off well and this episode is no exception.

In ‘Noche de Sueños’ some of the residents of Eureka are starting to share dreams with each other, with hilarious results.

noche de suenos.jpg

“E=MC…?’ sees the introduction of a new character Zane Donovan, a federal fugitive and mathematical genius. Naturally of course a new person in Eureka can’t just get an easy ride, and as something causes the residents to regress, Zane becomes one of the only people in Eureka able to stop a Big Bang Machine from destroying the town.

zane e=mc

Season two of ‘A Town Called Eureka’ is brilliant from start to finish; I’ve seen it several times now and I’m not yet bored by a single episode. Well worth watching.


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