TV Review – A Town Called Eureka – Season 4



The fourth season of ‘A Town Called Eureka’ is where everything changes and is my favourite season of the show. One of the reason being is that the creators of the show weren’t afraid to change the show and some of the characters to re-freshen the format, and they used a brilliant plot device in order to do it – alternate timeline.

In the very first episode five of the main characters, including Jack, Alison, Henry, Jo and Fargo end up in 1947 when Eureka was first founded and come back to the present, only to find that Eureka and their lives are very different. It was a great way to change some of the existing characters legitimately and re-fresh the show. Fargo find himself in charge of Eureka, Jo is Head fo Security, Henry is married, and Alison and Jack deal with the fact that back in 1947, Jack kisses her.

The series is amazing; it has all the traditional elements of Eureka, but the alternative timeline plot means the show isn’t stale and when the Astraeus programme starts, and people are competing to go to Titan the show is altered again, as new characters are introduced and different sides to recurring characters get to be seen.

Series Highlights

Picking just three for my favourite season is hard; as usual the mid-season and end of season episodes are a must see, but there are loads of little gems in this season.

‘Founder’s Day’, the first of the series is where they travel back to 1947 and end up on the military base that existed before the town was properly founded.


‘Crossing Over’ is another time travel episode of sorts, where 1947 starts to come to the present. What makes the episode stand out though is that this is the crossover episode with Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13 making an appearance. Seeing my favourite Warehouse 13 character in Eureka where she shines as equally as brightly is awesome; and only her and Fargo could end up awkwardly positioned in a minefield.

‘The Ex-Files’ is a great episode where people start to hallucinate people from their past. Jack sees Nathan Stark and the two characters get to interact again as Jack confronts his feelings about the beginning of his romantic relationship with Alison.



‘Of Mites and Men’ sees five of the characters locked in a small room together and challenged to get along with each other as they compete for places on the Astraeus programme. Wil Wheaton is fabulous as Issac Parrish the majority of the time, but seeing him play against the other actors in the confined space is a real treat.


‘Do You See What I See’ is one of the Christmas specials; I’m a bit of a Scrooge but this is a great episode where the characters are re-imagined in different animation styles and is a traditionally fun Eureka episode where technology goes wrong.

Season four is just amazing, and whenever I’m doing a binge watch of the show, I almost wish away the time I spent watching seasons one to three just to get to watch four. However, without the foundations laid by one to three the re-invention of season four wouldn’t have the same impact.


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