TV Review – A Town Called Eureka – Season 5



I have to admit while season five is very well written, acted etc., I genuinely don’t like it very much. The second half of season four had a very strong story arc with the Astraeus programme, but it was still very much of an episodic nature where you can dip in and out of the series without much need of knowing the continuity. The nature of ‘A Town Called Eureka’ where you are able to do this is one of the reason why I love the show so much; while it is brilliant writing it isn’t too taxing and you can genuinely relax watching it.

With season five though the story arc, of virtual Eureka and the consequences for Holly Martin, seem to be the only storylines. You have to watch the season from episode to episode and concentrate and remember what has happened. Admittedly, this isn’t actually a bad thing, this is how most series work and I’m perfectly capable of doing it, but the way I watch the show is via binge watching and I’m moving from one series to another and season five is the most taxing to watch.

The fact that the concentration seems to be on the characters and the trauma they went through, turns the show from being a comedy into a drama, and it is for the comedy about a group of scientists doing innovative experiments that go wrong that I have always watched it for. Season five become less about that and more about the characters and their feelings. While the show is great at re-inventing itself, from changing people’s jobs, to adding external threats, to changing the timeline and then making the goal to go to the moon of Titan, changing the shift from comedy to dram just didn’t work for me.

Thankfully though, I did love the last episode, and it was nice for a television show to be able to wrap themselves up properly rather than just being ended (my heart is still bleeding over Firefly so I’m very glad this didn’t happen to another favourite.)

Series Highlights

Despite not liking the series much there are some highlights, ‘Just Another Day’, the final episode is a must see for any fan of ‘A Town Called Eureka’.

‘Jack of All Trades’ is easily one of the best episodes of the series; it’s a body swap episode, and it’s one of the best ways in which the writers used the tension between the characters following the trauma of the virtual Eureka. Jack keeps body swapping with members of the Astraeus crew with hilarious results.

Another favourite episode explores the very nature of what the scientists in Eureka are trying to achieve through science, except with a twist it is not Jack who is experimenting because someone has doped him to boost his brain power so that he can compete with Alison’s judgemental family who think he’s not smart enough for her.


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