TV Review – Warehouse 13 – Season 1



Warehouse 13 is one of my favourite tv shows, mainly because it takes history and it makes it action packed and fun. Admittedly some of the history can be very obscure (even for me as a historian), but that is what makes it interesting. It’s not bog standard history that is gone over and over again, the writers and creators of the show dug deep and pulled out interesting people from history that aren’t normally covered by curriculum or history shows on tv.

The entire premise of the show is that all these interesting people imbued what made them special into possession the owned which gave them special powers. For example in the pilot Lucrezia Borgia’s comb comes into the hands a woman who then begins to plot and murder people in the same bloodthirsty way of Lucrezia Borgia. These objects are collected and stored in Warehouse 13 so that they aren’t a threat to the world.

The main characters of the show are Artie Nielsen who has worked at the Warehouse for decades; Pete and Myka are the new Secret Service Agents who have been recruited because as a team they have a really great set of skills. Myka is very observant with an eye for detail and Pete has intuition. Not that either of them are happy about being posted in South Dakota, with each other but they adjust. And then there is Claudia Donovan, who is super smart, confident and introduces herself to the Warehouse by hacking them and kidnapping Artie.

There is also Leena who is the owner of the Bed and Breakfast where they all stay. The only problem I have with Warehouse 13 is that they never really use Leena’s characters to her full potential. I feel as if a great deal more could have been done with the character and she’s never as well rounded as I would have liked to have seen, especially when she’s compared to the other characters who are all distinctive and well developed.

The first season of the show is very episodic, where you can dip in and out as the episodes are mostly self-contained stories. The threat from the story arc though comes from a former Warehouse 13 Agent who is determined to see the Warehouse objects be used for the greater good, but has evolved in to the greater good coming with a price tag.

Series Highlights

My favourite episode of the series is ‘Claudia’, where the character of Claudia Donovan is introduced by kidnapping Artie in order to save her brother Josh. Admittedly the best Claudia moment of the series is actually from the episode before ‘Magnetism’; she doesn’t even make an appearance but the words ‘Knock Knock’ which come up on screen as part of her hacking into the security system is brilliant and creepy as hell.

‘Regrets’ is a great emotional episode where Pete and Myka are forced to face their feelings of regret from the past, and in turn bond much better as a team.

I always love episodes that are set mostly in the Warehouse itself, with lots of objects to play havoc, and ‘Breakdown; is the first of these that Warehouse 13 does and it is excellent.


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