TV Review – Warehouse 13 – Season 2


hg wells victorian

I love the second series of Warehouse 13, for a similar reason to why I like season two of Eureka; the characters and the premise of the show has been established which means that the writers were able to have more fun with the show and take it to bigger places.

The threat of the former Warehouse 13 agent Macpherson has been dealt with but not before he released HG Wells on the world; a Victorian Lady/ Super Genius who used to be an agent of Warehouse 12 back when it was based in London. After Claudia, HG is easily one of the best characters ever created by the show. The reason being that she isn’t a black and white character, this character is totally a shade of grey, with a great deal of motivation to make the world a better part, and also a hell of a lot of justification for being very angry about the world and how little it has improved over the century she was imprisoned in the bronze sector. She’s fabulously conflicted, and her friendship with Myka is based on mutual respect, and their conversations have very little to do with men, which was great to watch on a main stream show.

The other thing I loved about the show is that in addition to the history you get to see via the objects, you also get to learn more about the history of the Warehouse itself. You get to see Warehouse 2 in the season finale and through flashbacks with HG Wells you get to see Victorian London and Warehouse 12. You also get to explore the past of Warehouse 13 as well, with one story set in the 60s. Getting to explore the history of the Warehouse, and not just see the ‘artefact of the week’, adds a great deal of depth to the show.

Series Highlights

The first episode and the two part series finale are a must see, naturally, especially ‘Buried’ which is set in Warehouse 2.

Warehouse 13 has two crossover episodes with ‘A Town Called Eureka’, and ‘13.1’ sees Douglas Fargo, who at this point is in charge of Eureka, come to the Warehouse to update the computer system, much to Claudia’s delight. Naturally of course, this being Fargo, chaos isn’t too far behind. René Auberjonois also guest stars in this episode and gives a spectacular performance.

In ‘Where and When’, Pete and Myka use HG Wells’ time machine to transport their consciousness into two 1960s Warehouse 13 agents in order to solve a 50 year old murder case. The episode freshens up the ‘snag, bag and tag’ procedure by being set in the past where Pete and Myka have to learn to operate differently.


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