TV Review – Warehouse 13 – Season 3



Warning – Spoilers

The majority of season three is actually a series of very strong stand alone episodes. What has made it stronger is the introduced of Steve Jinks a member of the ATF who also happens to be a human lie detector. He becomes Claudia’s partner in the field and the development of their friendship as BFFs is one of the very best parts of the series. The conflict that Jinks also has with the authority of the Warehouse is also a key part to the story arc, which is one of the very best of the entire show.

In Season Three the Warehouse isn’t being threatened from within, but by one of those people who in the past the Warehouse has taken an artefact from; Walter Sykes. He is absolutely determined to have his revenge on the Warehouse. When Jinks falls out of line, he ends up being recruited by Sykes to help him infiltrate the Warehouse to retrieve what he believes belongs to him and to reap his revenge.

The two part series finale of this series is one of the very best conclusions to a tv series in all of my experience of watching tv. The from the very beginning of part one there is intrigue and mystery, as Sykes overall plan is slowly revealed in all of its glory. The viewer’s heartstrings are tugged in every direction as part one pulls you from thinking HG Wells is going to die, to thinking that Steve has shot Claudia, to the reveal that Steve is undercover, right up until the moment you hear Claudia’s horrified scream off camera and the slow reveal of Steve’s body. And that’s just part one, and cliff-hanger of part two leaves you watching HG Wells sacrifice her life as she produces an energy shield around Artie, Pete and Myka as the Warehouse is blown up around them. I have never wanted a new series of a tv show to start quicker than I wanted season four of Warehouse 13.

 Series Highlights

Beyond the finale, another great episode is ‘Love Sick’ which is half set in the Warehouse where Pete and Myka have been affected by artefacts which resulted in them waking up in bed together and no idea why, nor why Myka is suddenly a platinum blonde.

The past history of the Warehouse gets explored again in ‘3…2…1..’ where the fatal consequences of  Joshua’s trumpet is hunted by agents across time from HG Wells in Warehouse 12, Jack and Rebecca in the 1960s and in the present day.

‘Don’t Hate the Player’ is the second of the crossover episodes involved Douglas Fargo; this time he’s deliberately used an artefact and got stuck in a video game he’s designed based on the Warehouse. It’s funny and light hearted; a must see if you love Fargo.


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