TV Review – Warehouse 13 – Season 4



Warning – Spoilers

Season four is the longest series of Warehouse 13, and as such is split into two halves. Saying that though, despite the number of episodes I can’t do a series highlights for this post. The entire series is a highlight of the show’s entire run.

The first half deals with Artie having had to an artefact called Magellan’s Astrolabe in order to turn back time, save the Warehouse and save the world. There is always a price to pay though when it comes to using artefacts, and the storyline that develops this is beautifully crafted and performed. Brent Spiner stars as Brother Adrian, whose order protected the Astrolabe for centuries, is brilliant as he slowly haunts Artie and manipulates him to undo his use of the Astrolabe. It’s a fantastic storyline with intrigue and tragedy. It does see some hope though as Claudia is able to bring Steve back from the dead, and their friendship is able to be developed even further and they can bond closer.

The only thing I will comment on again is Leena’s character is still sadly under developed. In the mid-season climax Artie kills Leena. The characters are all distraught at her death and once they have managed to help Artie (but only after he releases a deadly pandemic and Sutton played by James Marsden, has helped Pete and Myka stop it), Artie has to live with the consequences of having killed her. Looking back you can see the value and role that Leena has in the Warehouse, beyond just owning the Bed and Breakfast, which the show develops a little bit in the run up to her death. You can also see in her final moments just how much a part of the family she is as she refuses to leave Artie in his most desperate moment.

Sadly, for me it is too little and too late. Her gifts with the artefacts and working with them once they arrive at the Warehouse is really interesting and it would have been fascinating to see her in action. The consequence being that I wasn’t upset about her death and there wasn’t anything missing from the show because of it.  It is the only criticism I have of an otherwise brilliant shows that developed well rounded characters that you grow to love. Leena is the only exception, as many of the other reoccurring characters are very well developed.

The second half of the series sees such an example with Sutton, his wife and son, Charlotte and Nicholas, developing from being an aid to help stop Artie to being the next external threat to the future of the Warehouse. Admittedly in comparison to Walter Sykes in season three who was just out for revenge, Charlotte wants to get into the Warehouse in order to reverse the process that has made her, Nicholas and Sutton immortal. To do so they release Paracelsus from the bronze sector, as he was the one who had made them immortal to start with; little do they know just how dangerous he really is and what his ambition could lead to. Anthony Head does a brilliant turn as the villain.


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