TV Review – Warehouse 13 – Season 5



Season Five is short but sweet. It’s nice to see a show be able to wrap itself up properly. The last episode could have been a clip show, as the characters explore their defining moments in the Warehouse, but they wrote and created new clips for each of the characters, apart from Pete, who see everything because the Warehouse has given him the chance to be a better person.

It is a lovely conclusion, to the show. The last series deals with a threat that the agents might not be able to stop happening; the warehouse moving to a new country and them all essentially losing their jobs. It is heart-breaking to think that they might not being carrying on their jobs after the show ends, but it cleverly shows a final piece to the Warehouse history that the series has shown over time – why the Warehouse moves across the world. Because kudos to Warehouse 13, they may be based in America and be agents of America’s services, but they are a global show.

It was sad to see the show end, and I felt it has a great deal of potential to carry on, but looking back at everything that they achieves and the quality that they maintained from start to finish, I might be sad, but I love binge watching the series over and over again. Sometimes when shows end it is for a reason, but with season five you get an organic ending rather than a forced one, and it is a joy to watch.

Series Highlight

With only six episodes, I’ve decided to be selective – the best by a mile, and is easily one of the very best they ever made is ‘Savage Seduction’, where the characters end up in a telenovela as characters from the show, speaking Spanish and over acting. The quality of the acting in this episode is second to none, as at some points Pete, Myka and Artie are in the telenovela as themselves pretending to be their characters, and switch effortlessly to being just their characters with no idea of who they really are; all of it in Spanish. It’s just awesome.


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