Film Review – Monsters University



I love Monsters Inc., and because of that given Hollywood’s trend for sequels at the moment, I was a bit worried because the reason I love the original film is because, well it’s highly original. I shouldn’t have been too worried, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Admittedly enjoying the film and it being as good as the original is not the same thing.

It still has the original story-world of the Monster Realm, but other than that it was a pretty typical university setting for a story, where the two protagonists that you know end up being friends go on a journey together learning to appreciate each other’s talents, and like most people at university growing up into mature adults as they try and prove themselves. And on this journey they bring along a lot of misfits who aren’t considered scary, and therefore less valuable to contributing to bringing scream power to society proving themselves. It was all a bit of a cliché, but I’ll give Pixar credit they did it well.

However, the best bit of the film by far is near the end when Mike and Scully are in a cabin in the woods, and Mike is setting up the perfect scare using Sully’s skills and his knowledge. And they aren’t scaring children then are targeting adults that are hunting them. The scene is a beautifully constructed scare tactic using a lot of horror movie clichés that end in a hair raising scream from the adults that literally blow up the energy canisters. It’s a perfect scene of two characters coordinating together to show up the antagonist. I loved it.

And I loved the film, but while it is certainly a very good Pixar film, it doesn’t compete on the same level as Monster Inc.


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