Film Review – The Imitation Game



I absolutely adore the history behind Bletchley Park and the cracking of the enigma code, because it is a demonstration in history that winning a war is not just about how many guns you have and how much brute force and bravery is involved. It is a tale within military history of some very clever people using their brains to fight their enemies. I was disappointed by the 2001 film ‘Enigma’ as it was just a drama that I felt trivialised the entire story.

‘The Imitation Game’ though just a great deal of justice to the history that took place in Bletchley Park, but also to the life of Alan Turing, one of the members of the team who succeeded in their challenge, who was condemned after the war for being a homosexual. I don’t know much details about the life of Alan Turing, but I had been aware of his brief post-war life, and horror he ended up enduring. If nothing else the film, whether it is historical accurate about Turing or not, is an example for all to see just how far some of us in the world have progressed and just how important it is for us to continue to fight for basic human rights.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing is a performance that has to be seen to be believed. Cumberbatch is so good it was hard to see where the actor ended and the character begin. The weaving of the story of the cracking of enigma interwoven with Turing’s own personal tragedies is amazing. The academy award the film won for Best Adapted Screenplay was very well deserved by Graham Moore.

The writing is brilliant, cinematography is beautiful and the heart wrenching performance by Cumberbatch is a marvel. He has a great supporting cast, and I say they are a supporting cast only, because he completely stole the show. Even if you’re not interested in the history being portrayed the film is an absolute must-see.


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    • Only seen it for the first time recently and I loved it, and you can probably tell. The film had slipped under my radar and it blew me away when I finally saw it.

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