Film Review- The Lost World: Jurassic Park



I really love The Lost World. I know it gets a lot of criticism but I really enjoy watching the film. I think in part that is because I really like Jeff Goldblum, but it is also because like the first film the dinosaurs just happen to be there, and it is the humans that cause all the problems. The contrasts are a lot more extreme as well.

In Jurassic Park it was about making money by recreating a wondrous ‘lost world’ from the past. In The Lost World though it is more explicitly about making money by exploiting the wonder that science was able to create. Isla Sorna is very much an ecosystem recreated by science that has been left to fend for itself. It’s less of a lost world and more of undisturbed one. An ecosystem that had grown and developed, and has produced ready to exploit creatures for InGen to use to make profit.

It is the conflict between leaving ‘The Lost World’ of the dinosaurs in peace and the desire to make money from what science has created. The harsh treatment of the animals by the InGen group and hunter, Pete Postlethwaite, is very much a reflection on some people’s desire to be the dominant species on the planet, with very little respect for our natural attributes that allowed us to develop as we have. It also reflects the complete lack of understanding that we are just one part of this world not the only part.

The truly great thing about the movie though is that yet again the dinosaurs don’t make the distinction between good and bad humans. They just act on instinct, and in this film the instincts of the T-Rexs, both mother and father, is to protect their young. Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn were helping their baby who had been injured by other humans, because of compassion. The dinosaurs don’t necessarily know that though, and act to protect their young from threats. It results in many of the bad guys ending up getting eaten, but it also results in decent character’s losing their lives as well.

Overall I really love the film and I highly recommend it as it is great escapism.


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  1. Yeah I have to admit that bit is a bit lame. I’d not seen the film for years until very recently, and I had actually forgotten that was how the film ended. I’d remembered up to the moment they are being hunted by the raptors and then the helicopter arrived. I must have literally blocked the last half hour from my memory.

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