Film Review – Jurassic Park III


jursssic park 3

I know that most people really don’t like this Jurassic Park film, but I have to admit, I quite like it. Admittedly a lot of that revolves around the fact I like Sam Neill as Dr Grant, but I also really his relationship with Ben Kirby, the kid they go to the island to rescue.

The plot in the film though I will admit is quite thin. It essentially revolves around the very noble attempts of the Kirby’s to rescue their son from Isla Sorna, however the entire operation is being conducted by a group of highly incompetent adults, that even Dr Grant’s assistant Billy jeopardises when he steals raptor eggs.

Honestly, the best thing about the film is that Dr Grant gets on extremely well with Ben, who together actually know what they are doing and manage to keep the majority of people alive. It is a great character development for Dr Grant. He is notable in the first film for not liking kids but is willing to protect them, but I think what he has realised is that he has a low tolerance for people doing stupid things. Ben isn’t stupid, and had managed to survive on Isla Sorna alone for weeks. Dr Grant has a great deal of respect for him, and a whole lot less for the ‘adults’ he’s comes with.

Considering there isn’t much plot there is a theme to the film, and echoing the second film, it revolves around protecting ones family. The Kirby’s are determined to the point of being deceptive and downright stupid to find their son, and the raptors are persistent and deadly in trying to retrieve their eggs. I never did understand why they thought Mrs. Kirby took them in the final scene, but the development from the first film of showing raptors as highly intelligent animals is great.

Certainly not the best of the Jurassic Parks films, but its still worth a watch.


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