Film Review: Jurassic World



I absolutely loved this film. Jurassic Park will always be my favourite of the movie series, but Jurassic World is a very close second. One of the reasons why is because it has so many references back to the original film which is what makes it so brilliant. As a fan I got to nudge and be nudge by my partner, who is a lot more dinosaur obsessed than I am as we spotted the references. It was a great bonding exercise as well as a great film.

If you don’t know the references though the film is still spectacular. Jurassic World is the dream that Hammond imagined come to life and fully operational. The park is a wonder to behold, and while I’m not all that keen on the petting zoo and the triceratops ride, as I don’t like the idea of baby dinosaurs being put through the stress of up-close and personal contact with a large number of people (and yes I do realise there are CGI and not real, but it’s the principle and I’ve seen a lot of stressed animals in the past so in real life that sort of thing happens in real life too), but that point aside seeing the dream park up and running was awesome.

I wasn’t as keen on the kids in this film just because I felt they were a bit boring and flat, but I do like their bond as brothers. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt though were utterly brilliant. I loved the interaction that the two of them had with each other during the film, and it was a shame that a lot of their scenes together ended up on the cutting room floor, as they brought an element of comedy to the film that hasn’t really been seen in previous Jurassic Park films.

I also really loved Bryce Dallas Howard in the film; she’s a career woman, she’s willing to admit that she might not end up having kids (though I really hated her sister in the moment she basically implies that if she doesn’t her life wouldn’t be worthwhile at all), she is super busy and makes no apologies for being who she is as a person. I disliked the way she was guilt tripped in a way that no male character would ever be held accountable when they have to cancel plans, but she grows as a character as she slowly accepts that her perfect world cannot be controlled to the extent that she would like.

I also love that the film carries on a theme that can be found in some way or another in the three previous films; humans never learn. Honestly I rubbed my hands in glee when I learnt the premise of the film; we’ve made a genetic hybrid with a t-rex base and bigger teeth, what could go wrong. Quite a lot, including a brilliant attack of flying dinosaurs on a crowd of thousands; Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle with some raptors who he’s been training with basic commands; and best of all Bryce Dallas Howard running in slo-mo in heels as the t-rex she has just released from Paddock 9 follows her towards the Indominus Rex and the greatest dinosaur on dinosaur fight I’ve ever seen.

Overall as great addition to the film franchise, and a great action packed roller-coaster ride of dinosaur havoc as its very best.


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