The New Harry Potter Book!!!!!!


harry potter book 8

OMG I am so excited by the news I have learned today. There is going to be a new Harry Potter book.

Let me clarify though, this is a book of the official script of the new Harry Potter play, not a prose story. I had been intrigued by the new play set nineteen years after the end of Deathly Hallows, but I’m not really a theatre person and I had been confused by the idea of splitting the play into two parts, so while I was glad there was a sequel I wasn’t overly hopeful of ever actually seeing it.

However, I am trembling with excitement on learning they are doing a print copy of the script. I really love reading scripts and I love Harry Potter, so quite frankly I am over the moon at the prospect of the book coming out.

I really can’t wait (but I will, with the same patience I developed as I waited in between the books being published).

At the beginning of this year I thought I was just going to be excited by the new prequel film, but I was wrong, I have this to be excited about as well.

2016 may have started as a sad year for Harry Potter fans (RIP Alan Rickman), but I think overall it is going to be brilliant.


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