TV Review – Doctor Who (Series 3)



I have to include in this review, the brilliant Christmas special, ‘Runaway Bride’ with Catherine Tate. It isn’t the greatest Christmas special ever made, but Donna Noble is just utterly brilliant. She doesn’t take any nonsense from the Doctor, she speaks her mind and complains about all the running she has to do, which is very relatable. It’s just great and it was a fabulous start to life for the Doctor after Rose.

However, series three just never worked for me, and I think it was very much to do with Martha Jones. I just don’t rate her as a companion, and I’m not sure why because she is a brilliant character, which was proved when she cameoed in Torchwood. I think my problem was the Doctor; as much as I love Tennant, series three was not the best for him, very much because I think moping after Rose was played out for too long.

Trying to be objective though, while the series as a whole didn’t have the greatest storylines, it did have one hell of a villain, and John Simm was just perfection. It wasn’t just him though as Mark Gatiss did a brilliant turn in the ‘Lazarus Experiment’, John Barrowman was fabulous returning as Captain Jack, and Derek Jacobi was sublime. There are some great performances throughout the series but the storylines didn’t always match up.

Series Highlights

There are some properly duff episodes in series three, but Russell T. Davie pulled out some blindingly brilliant episodes as well, especially the triple part finale. ‘Smith and Jones’ and ‘Gridlock’ are also brilliantly written, but not as memorable.

Another one I enjoyed because it had a great premise was ‘42’, by Chris Chibnall, who wrote a real-time episode. It is fun and fast paced, and I think very under-ratted.

Of course series three gave us ‘Blink’, easily one of the very best episodes of Doctor Who ever written and made. The Weeping Angels are still a terrifying monster and this episode was what sealed Moffat’s legendary status as a writer on the show.


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