TV Review – Doctor Who (Series 4 Specials)



I have to fully admit that I really hated the majority of the David Tennant specials that came between series four and five. I was just bored for well over a year as the episodes got worse.

The Next Doctor had a great deal of potential, and David Morrissey certainly did a great turn thinking he was the Doctor. The cybermen were also great, right up until the moment a giant cyberman built with child labour started to roam the streets of Victorian London. I actually cringed and I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching. Comparing it to the previous year’s ‘Voyage of the Damned’ and you realise there is no comparison. All I can hope is that kids loved it.

And then came the Easter special, where things just got worse. The premise of the show with a world destroyed by metallic aliens is great, especially because there is a risk that is going to happen to earth. They just don’t pull it off though, and it is very much because Michelle Ryan’s character is completely under developed and is just downright awful. I can’t stand the episode.

And then some how and god knows how it got even worse with ‘The Waters of Mars’. At least in this episode Lindsay Duncan redeemed the episode by being utterly brilliant and because her character had a better grip on reality than the Doctor did in this episode. I don’t understand the idea that they had of showing a side of the Doctor that I don’t think anyone wanted to see; his arrogance.

Thankfully the two part ‘The End of Time’, managed to redeem Russell T. Davies and sent both him and David Tennant off on a high. John Simm’s Master is brilliant, and the threat of Gallifrey makes the episode thrilling. They had foreshadowed the regeneration of The Doctor, with four knocks, and it is a fabulous twist that the Doctor doesn’t end up changing because of his nemesis but for a good man. His words, ‘I don’t want to go,’ were haunting, and a sentiment I shared.


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