TV Review – Doctor Who (Series 5)


dw s5

After the disappointment of the majority of the specials I was ready for a new Doctor and a full series. I love Steven Moffat’s style of writing and storylines that appeal to older audiences as well as the younger, so I was full of anticipation for Matt Smith and series 5. I most certainly was not disappointed.

While he isn’t my favourite Doctor, Matt Smith was bloody brilliant. He worked very well with Amy and Rory, and I loved the edgier story arc that Steven Moffat introduced. I especially love when Rory literally gets erased from history; not just killed or left behind, he literally never existed. It was brutal to watch and was the beginning of Steven Moffat playing with our heart strings and tear ducts.

I also love Amy quite a bit. She’s not ashamed of who she is, she doesn’t have any doubt and she’s not from London. I was getting a bit tired of the old cliché of the companion being from London, so playing around in a village was fab. It opens up new avenues of creepiness and proves there are other place in Britain.

I love Rory more though, because he has to live his life thinking that he will never life up to being The Doctor, but it doesn’t stop him from pursuing his life as he wants to life it. At times that means he ends up being left behind or taken along, or even erased entirely, but more so than even Amy who is more openly strong, the core of Rory’s character is strength and he amazing.

Series Highlights

‘The Eleventh Hour’, ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and ‘The Big Bang’ are just epic on a massive scale. Steven Moffat as a great gift for making something that is seemingly innocent, like a crack in the wall, very sinister. I also loved how he tied the plot of the finale into the two-parter with River. Great plotting and a heck of a lot of planning.

Amy’s Choice is incredibly well conceived and Toby Jones was a revelation as the Dream Lord. I adored this episode because it dug into the hearts of the characters, especially Amy who until then had been a bit closed off and mysterious about what she was really thinking and feeling.

The Lodger is just hilarious and also creepy. James Corden is fantastic as the ever patience roommate with the Doctor.

Vincent and the Doctor, though is just heart breaking. Like with Agatha Christie I’m rather partial to Van Gogh and have a great deal of empathy with someone who suffers from mental illness. The scene between Tony Curran and Bill Nighy still brings me to tears.



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