TV Review – Doctor Who (Series 6)



The sixth series never really took traction with me, and I very much think it is because the series was spilt into two parts. Having a mid-season cliff-hanger just didn’t work for me at all, because by the time the season finale actually came around I was bored with the story and I had forgotten most of the details that I needed to remember in order to enjoy what I was watching.

Which is a real shame because the overall story is really brilliant; it was creepy from the moment the astronaut steps out the lake, and I was intrigued about what was going on, but I got bored waiting for the end to come. I am very much a viewer who either watches Doctor Who for one episode a week for a few months, or I binge watch. I hated the three month hiatus, and it spoilt a perfectly good series for me, even now, I’m not all that fussed about watching it on DVD.

That quibble aside though, the other reason I’m not all that fussed by the sixth series is that the first half of the series really wasn’t all that good. The two part opening is fine but nothing memorable, and ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, again is good but not memorable. The series finale itself also just doesn’t send chills down my spine like previous series have done.

The series is good, but not my cup of tea, because the hiatus made me forget the details and there were far too many details to try and keep track of in the first place. Maybe I do need to try it again and try and come to it with a fresh set of eyes, but at the minute I had a lot of great TV to watch that isn’t disappointing me.

Series Highlights

For once I’m not really recommending the opening and closing episodes. They just don’t do it for me, but there are two episodes in the series that were utterly fantastic.

‘The God Complex’ is a classic scare-fest, and an emotional roller-coaster ride for the characters. I loved watching it and the premise of a shifting maze of a hotel is just sublime.

The stand out episode of the series though has to be ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ which Neil Gaiman penned for the show. It was just a classic Gaiman story; a bubble universe full of strange characters and a fantastic chase through the belly of the TARDIS itself, to reveal the old control room. And then of course there was Suranne Jones, who played the personality of the TARDIS downloaded into a human body. Comedy genius, and if you can only watch one episode of the series it has to be this one.



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