TV Review – Doctor Who (Series 8)



I have to admit that Peter Capaldi has taken a bit of getting used to as the Doctor. I can’t put my finger on what it is about him as that character but it really just doesn’t work all that well for me. That’s not to say he isn’t good; he is, but for me he just isn’t the Doctor. But I very much think this might just be me only, as I know the series is critically acclaimed.

What I truly love though is Michelle Gomez as Missy. I have loved Gomez ever since I first saw Green Wing, and here as a Doctor Who villain, she is just perfection itself. She is amazing, because like the perfect villain you can’t guess what she is going to do next. She brings a great deal of heartbreak to the show, and I very much think that the finale is one of the problems that I have with the entire series. The idea of twisting cremation into something terrifying was a step too far for me, perhaps because I was still coping with the death of my grandfather, but mainly because I just felt the story was in very poor taste.

I did like the series, especially the developing relationship between Clara and Danny Pink. Clara was very much trying to have it all and I commended her for doing so. What I didn’t like was that Clara consistently lied to Danny about what she was doing. At least with Amy and Rory, and even Rose and Mickey they were completely honest with each other about what was going on. That deception though isn’t the right tone for a kid’s show and it was another theme of the series that just did not sit right with me.

Series Highlights

There were some great one off storylines in this series.

Listen by Steven Moffat was one of the highlight for me, as it is a classic creepy monster tale by Steven Moffat. As much as I love Moffat as the Head Writer, I feel in love with the show because of these one off episodes that he knocks out of the park every now as then. This was perfection for me.

Time Heist is fun from start to finish. I like heist stories and the twist of memory made this a stand out episode for me. I also particularly enjoyed Mummy on the Orient Express because I enjoy murder mysteries and the sci-fi twists made it a very original episode.

I also really loved Flatline, just purely because seeing Clara put the TARDIS in her handbag made me laugh quite a bit and combined with the 2D monsters it is a classic Doctor Who, ‘can he save the day at the last minute?’ episode.


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