Doctor Who and Torchwood



Doctor Who has been an obsession for years now. I might have been late to the party after the re-launch in 2005, but once I got into it I was hooked. One of the reasons I love it so much is because the format of the show allows for a great deal of experimentation with storylines, different characters and even species, and you have the universe to explore.

And Doctor Who has exploited this premise to great effect for years. It has also resulted in a couple of great spin offs. I never got into the Sarah Jane Adventures, but I absolutely adore Torchwood. However, as much as I am part of the fan base, I’m not keen on everything. I’m quite willing to hold my hands up and admit there have been quite a few duff episodes over the years, and as much as I love Torchwood I’m only really keen on Series 1 and 2.

It’s been years since I saw Children of the Earth and Miracle Day. I’m going to have to try and sit and watch them again someday, but I disliked them so much when they first aired I get to the end of series 2 and find something else to watch. It’s been a while though, and Torchwood was all about pushing the boundaries of television. Shows like Game of Thrones have come around since, and you never know I might find I like Torchwood a lot more now.

But you know what, I really don’t mind that every now and then they don’t quite hit the mark. Doctor Who is one of the biggest and most creative forces in television; the premise of the show might be old and old villains and characters might come back every now and then, but Doctor Who is original and creative, something which I feel is desperately needed both in film and television.

The other think that I really loved about the show that I really miss is Doctor Who Confidential and Torchwood Declassified. These both showed the behind the scenes work that goes into making a high quality television show and I was absolutely devastated when they cancelled it. It taught people about all the different jobs that people have in television not just the usual acting, writing and directing. Considering the popularity of extra features showing the behind the scenes action on dvds I very much think the BBC missed a trick when they cancelled it.

The other reason I love Doctor Who though is because it inspires me. There’s not many shows out there that make me want to be a part of the show to the point that I begin thinking of ideas and stories of my own. I know most kids end up drawing pictures of monsters, I ended up writing a few scripts and I absolutely loved every moment of it. A Doctor Who script was the first script I ever wrote, and I now regularly return to the format to tell my stories.

From the moment the Doctor (my Doctor being David Tennant) ran around a spaceship where pockets of Madame de Pompadour’s France existed until this last Christmas when he arranged a proper date with River Song, Doctor Who has captured my imagination helped a lot by Captain Jack and his awesome coat.


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