Film Review – An Adventure in Space and Time



When it was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who I very much enjoyed letting myself get swept away in the excitement of it all. One of the things I loved the most was Mark Gatiss’ film about the First Doctor. I have to admit, I am very much a fan of the re-launched show from 2005 onwards, and other than what I have read in books over the years I don’t know very much about the first eight Doctors other than who they are and what costume they wore.

So when I saw that a film had been made about the origins of the show and the first Doctor I jumped on the opportunity to watch it. I loved every single minute. I adore David Bradley and he did a great deal of justice to William Hartnell, making the actor not just a bit rough around the edges but also an emotionally driven person, who slowly came to love the Doctor and the show as much as the rest of us.

What was really the stand out performance was Jessica Raine as Verity Lambert. I didn’t know much about Lambert other than she was a producer for Jonathan Creek. What I hadn’t realised was just how pivotal her role was not just in launching Doctor Who, but also for gaining women a voice when working in the media. This film for me is as much about honouring the show as it is recognising her contribution.

This film is amazing and I highly recommend it, not just to Doctor Who fans, but anyone interested in knowing how TV used to be made and the people who made it.


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