TV Review – The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot


fiveish doctors reboot

One of the things I do love the most about Doctor Who is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, at least not all the time. This thirty minute comedy spoof is proof of that and was a fabulous way for some of the classic doctors to get involved with the 50th Anniversary.

It is written and directed by Peter Davison, who portrayed the fifth doctor who before the re-launch was the only Doctor I could readily recognise and the only actor who had portrayed the character that I was familiar with. He’d been back on the show before for a Children in Need special and I couldn’t wait to see this spoof.

It is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I especially loved that Peter Jackson and Ian McKellan did a brief cameo from the set of the Hobbit. I think what I loved the most though was seeing Russell T Davies back and in action, and Steven Moffat being as callous as many of us imagine he must be considering the affect he has on our heart strings through his writing. There are lots of cameos in the show and its great fun seeing these people parody themselves.

It might be short, and it might not be for everybody, especially younger audiences who had no idea about the legacy of Doctor Who, but it is funny from start to finish, and is a homage to the show and some of the actors who have been involved over the decades.


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