Film Review: RED 2


red 2

Everything that I loved about the first RED film did carry forward into the second film, but unfortunately it just isn’t as good. The characters from the original film are all still as great, and while the threat of nuclear destruction is a great base for an action thriller, there is something about the film that doesn’t work for me, which is weird because when you look at all the pieces that make up the film, there isn’t anything majorly wrong.

There are a lot more characters in play though, and I think that may have been part of the problem with the film. All of the original characters are still fantastic, and Anthony Hopkins role as Edward Bailey is superb, all of the other introduced characters though are a bit two dimensional. David Thewlis’ performance as The Frog is great but I never got to grips with the character because he was pretty much just a cameo.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character was the one I liked the least in the entire film, mainly because she over-acted a little bit, I assume under direction, to simply be the beautiful Russian seductress that plagues Mary-Louise Parker’s character with doubts. The tradition of pitting female characters against each other over a man really annoys the hell out of me, because in reality women tend to be very supportive of each other. Her character though is the only thing I can genuinely point out in the film as being something I don’t like.

Anthony Hopkins character and all of his various interactions in the film are utterly superb. His character pulls on all of the strings in order to get what he wants. His character is a little bit unpredictable, in a similar way to Batman’s Joker, but because he looks harmless is completely underestimated by all the characters throughout the film. He’s a great antagonist, but I do feel as if the plot surrounding him gets a little bit convoluted at times and in places unnecessarily complex.

Overall the film is great and a worthy sequel that is worth seeing, but it didn’t quite live up to RED, and I think it was the introduction of the new characters and an overwritten plot that did it for me.


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