Book Review – Futureshock – Elizabeth Briggs



I was attracted to this book because the idea of just going 30 years into the future was intriguing, because it is so reachable. It is just like what they did in the Back to the Future films. The difference with this book though is that a group of 5 teenagers are the ones sent into the future in order to make discoveries on behalf of the Aether Cooperation. The problem is that once they get there they can’t resist looking into their own futures.

This isn’t just done on an impulse either, and them being rebellious teenagers doing something because they were told they shouldn’t. They look because a series of events that happen once they get to the future make them need to know what happens to them and the truth they discover makes them abandon their mission in order to find out as must as they can in order to change their future.

The plot for the book and the world-building is great. I really enjoyed this book, and I could barely put it down. The story kept making me want the turn the page, and the detail of the changes in the world were realistic enough to make it very believable, so kudos to Briggs for that.

However, I have to be honest I found most of the characters were very two dimensional. Considering the main character has perfect memory, her perception of the world and her recalls didn’t come across as strongly as I was expecting. The character arcs and the journeys were good, but reflecting on the story I wasn’t strongly connected to any of the characters, and I wasn’t rooting for them.

Saying that the book is definitely a good read, with a great premise, plot and setting but the character development could have been better.


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