Film Review: High Rise



High Rise was a bit weird and it seemingly had no plot or any reason for why anything was happening. Except that was the point from what I can gather; the residents of the High Rise tower had everything they needed within the tower so they didn’t need to leave. Without the contact of the outside world they didn’t need to conform to the expectations of society and more, and conflicts within the tower for the resources available resulted in anarchy.

For all that I was a bit confused while I was watching the film, I did thoroughly enjoy myself. The cinematography was utterly stunning. While I do prefer films that have a stronger plot, every now and then my preference doesn’t need to be met in dialogue; the visual nature of cinema can also tell a story and with High Rise that is where the story telling comes from.

I recommend this film because the subtle descent into chaos and madness has to be seen; I can’t describe it in words. It is a film about the very worst aspects of humanity and why having social conformity is so important.

It is also a film that has appealed to my love for dystopian stories, with a bit of a difference as this is the descent into the dystopian world, not the aftermath of the dystopian world already existing. It is the birth of a dystopian world, and it’s brilliant.


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