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Over the next couple of weeks my blog is going to be focusing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the run up to the release of the new film Captain America: Civil War. I am a huge fan of the films, well most of the films.

I came a bit late to the Marvel Cinematic Universe party. I become a fan until I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and then I landed with a bump and became a bit obsessive for a while. One of the reasons it took me a while to get traction with the MCU is because when Iron Man was released I was quite honestly tired of superhero films. I’m not a fan of Spiderman, and while I absolutely love the X-men films (more than MCU) the quality of those films was in a massive dip at the time. I was ready for something different, but that wasn’t the direction Hollywood was going in as Marvel was only getting started.

I’m not a comic book fan either; not because I’m a girl, because I did read comic books as a kid, I just wasn’t obsessed with them. I was a sci-fi geek growing up; I was happily absorbing Star Trek and Star Wars. I just didn’t find comic books as interesting. I have a great deal of appreciation for them and how much creativity goes into making them, they just aren’t my sort of thing.

So I am very much a fan of the films not the source material.

The fact though that it took me a while to get the whole obsession people have with the films will becomes quite apparent when you read the posts. Marvel started with Iron Man, and honestly I absolutely hate the character. I’m not a fan of the Phase One films, I very much came to the fandom because of Phase Two and Captain America. I’d seen the other Marvel films prior to seeing Winter Solider, but I didn’t like them and in truth I thought most of them were pretty stupid, apart from the First Avenger which I did enjoy.


However, while I might not enjoy them as much, I do have an appreciation for what Phase One set up, especially what it set up for Joss Whedon to play with in Avenger’s Assemble. I haven’t however seen all of Phase One; I haven’t seen the Hulk film. I do like the character of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, but I like him as part of the team. I’m not interested in his origin story, probably not helped by the fact there were two Hulk films released very close to each other and at the time I thought it was pretty stupid (I hadn’t know it was two different companies doing it). So when the posts are complete there will be a noticeable gap.

Also as much as I am a fan of the MCU, I don’t like all of it. When you read my posts on Iron Man this will become blatantly obvious. It has nothing to do with Robert Downing Junior, as think he’s a great actor, I just don’t like Tony Stark. As much as becoming Iron Man redeems the playboy character, I’m just not keen on the whole billionaire becomes superhero storyline. Delving into DC for a moment I have the same problem with Batman and the Green Arrow; it’s nothing personal against Iron Man, just with Batman in particular DC came up with better villains for him to fight.

Iron Man’s enemies are his enemies; they aren’t out for world destruction just for the sake of it, many of them just have problems with Tony Stark himself. And quite frankly the villains of Marvel can be a little bit forgettable. Iron Man’s just sort of disappear into the background as does Ant-Man’s villain, as they are just two-dimensional. The Red Skull was a great villain, because his character very much fitted into the era in which the film was set. The same can be said of Ultron, because the threat of AI fits well into the modern world.


However, of all the villains, it will become apparent very quickly that I am a Loki fan, and it is very much because the character isn’t black and white and easy to understand. Loki is Shrek; he’s an onion with layers to peel away and honestly you can’t tell with him whether he has a rotten core or not. It’s probably why he hasn’t become one of those disposable villains that Marvel have created and killed over the course of the films. Not that Loki hasn’t been through some trials, but he has endured, and while I’m excited about the new Captain America film, it is very much tiding me over until the new Thor film.

And both of those are tiding me over until the new Avenger’s films, because there is nothing I love more than a good story arc, and the infinity stones are easily one of the best I’ve encountered. Nothing will ever beat ‘Bad Wolf’ in my opinion, but the development of the Avengers and then the connection to the Infinity Stones is what I really truly love about the MCU.


The films are all stand-alone, but the characters also have their own series of films, but the MCU is also strongly interconnected to each other as well. The bigger scope and the risk that Marvel have taken in creating such a complex universe of films is paying off.

So I’m a massive fan of the MCU, though not all of it, and I can’t wait to see how it develops as Phase Three unfolds. I will however, also look forward to its end, all great things must end eventually and I’ll like to see it do so before the quality of what they are doing starts to degrade.



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  1. Yeah, it was the same for me. Not a comic book fan, but I usually watched the comic book movies sooner or later. I caught Iron Man and Thor at one point on TV and thought “well, that was okay, better than the usual comic book nonsense, and Loki was a fairly interesting villain”. And then I discovered Captain America (a character which I HATED prior to watching his movie) and the whole scope of the MCU and they had me. The Winter Soldier and GotG sealed the deal for me. I have been obsessed ever since.

    • So glad I’m not the only one whose not keen on Iron Man. I think RDJ is great but I don’t get the hype about him as Iron Man.
      I’m looking forward to Xmen as well; I prefer Xmen to the MCU and Apocalypse looks great.

      • So glad too!
        Yeah, RDJ was th highlight of Th Avengers, but none of th 3 solo movies cld exude that kind of charm.
        X-cited for what’s Coming Soon! 😉

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