Film Review – Iron Man



I have to admit that by the time Iron Man came out in 2008 I was a bit sick of superhero films (little did I know); Iron Man wasn’t an X-men so I just was not interested and it wasn’t until years later I saw the film. And when it comes to Iron Man, I’m pretty much of the same opinion now as I was when the film came out; I just don’t care all that much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Robert Downey Junior, and his portrayal is enigmatic and his chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow, makes Tony Stark’s relationship with Pepper Potts very believable. But when it comes to Tony Stark and Iron Man, I just do not care about the character at all. I have no connection with him and I can’t engage with the majority of the story.

The only thing I really love about the story in this film is the origins of Iron Man, when Tony Stark builds his first suit in a cave under a great deal of pressure. It is quite genuinely the only part of the film that I engage with, because it is about the character of Tony Stark transforming and beginning to become Iron Man.

The rest of the plot I can take or leave to be perfectly honest. If anything it was just predictable. Rich heir to a large company run by his father’s friend who is annoyed by the playboy antics of Tony and starts a company takeover while also trying to out-do the genius of what Tony built. Honest to god it is really so dull.

And what is so annoying is that it is a very good film, and a very good start to the beginning of Marvel’s domination over the cinema, and even has made superhero films interesting for me again. It just doesn’t float my boat.


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