Film Review – Iron Man 3



I think most people by now would have figured out that I’m not Iron Man’s biggest fan; in fact I really can’t stand the first two Iron Man films. Most if this very much stems from the fact I really can’t stand Tony Stark as a character; I just hate him. In Iron Man 3 though I did feel very sorry for him. He was suffering from post-traumatic stress after the Battle of New York.

I don’t hate the film either; I actually really quite enjoyed watching it, and for the most part it is because the story in this film is so much better. I mean it’s really obvious to anyone who has ever seen The Incredibles who the villain in the film is because Tony Stark has once slighted him, but despite this quite obvious foreshadowing, the plot twist in the film actually manged to surprise me and I loved it.

I also liked that Tony Stark was suffering; not because he was suffering for suffering’s sake, but because I could actually relate to him in this film. He gets draw into a conflict he doesn’t want to be in; he tries his best to protect Harley who looks up to him and wants to help him as much as possible; and he has to investigate what on earth has been going on without a plethora of technology at his fingertips to help him. It’s like he’s back in the cave in Afghanistan, and he is being forced to be resourceful. It’s brilliant.

Iron Man still isn’t a character I like very much, but in comparison to the first two Iron Man films, round 3 is a film I would genuinely recommend that people watch, because the story is great, the twist is superb, and Tony Stark is a more rounded, more human character.


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