Film Review – Guardians of the Galaxy



I absolutely love this film because it is hilarious from start to finish. I also love it for many of the same reasons I like Thor 2; because it is not set on Earth. Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s example of how it can flex its creative muscles and create something utterly spectacular.

I can remember that there was quite a lot of doubt about how good Guardians of the Galaxy could be when it is based on one of the lesser known comic books. It irritated me quite a lot at the time, because it showed the divide in the fandom; those that know the comics and think the films should be solely based on the original source material, and the rest of the fandom that are fans of the films, and don’t know the comics.

I very much fall into the latter of those two categories. The only Marvel comics I can remember reading as a kid was X-Men and even then it wasn’t all that often. I get that fans of the comic books want the films to be truer to the original source material that they already know and love. I do get that as an avid book lover who has seen more than one terrible film adaptation of a beloved book.

The thing that really irritated me though was that at the time Marvel was releasing Guardians of the Galaxy, it has already built up a large fan base that came from their successful film franchise. I didn’t see where the doubt was coming from; of course they were going to release a good film.

Why would you think otherwise just because the source material isn’t their best work? Why would anyone think that they were just using their credibility to milk their fanbase without actually delivering a good film? If they delivered a bad one then their credibility would be damaged and their profits would decline and rightly so.

As it turns out Marvel has every reason in the world to want to look at their back catalogue to see what would make a great film, and with Guardians of the Galaxy they produced an excellent film. The story, the characters and the fantastically creative story-world as a backdrop of the plot is just incredible.

They brought to life the highly original concepts that had been created in the comics and made it into a film that drew fans back time and time again to the cinema to see it. It drew in people who weren’t fans of the Marvel Universe because of the rave reviews the film was getting; everyone wanted to check out what all the fuss was about. It had a different twist on the superhero genre that refreshed the brand by being more of a sci-fi thriller than just another superhero film where the world needed saving.

It wasn’t the idealistic or super rich that were the heroes either; it was a bunch of misfits, which includes a tree with a limited syntax, but a heartbreakingly well-timed development in his lexicon; a talking racoon with a taste for building bombs; a murderer with anger management issues, a thirst for vengeance and no concept of humour or figurative speech; a kick-ass daughter of the enemy who has been tortured and manipulated all her life; and Peter Quill, aka Starlord, who was kidnapped from earth moments after his mother’s death and raised with questionable morals but a great taste in tunes. What can you not love about that combo?

And then there is Lee Pace. Ronan is a full-on diva with more than a little bit of crazy added in. Fine his demise might be a bit corny, but he is a full on villain who doesn’t take Thanos’ insults lightly. Lee Pace owes the screen every time he is on it.

Guardians of the Galaxy is amazing, and even if you’re not interested in Marvel or comic book movies, I highly recommend this one. You don’t need to know anything about the rest of the Marvel Universe. It is the perfect stand-alone film to watch in order to dip your toes in to see what Marvel are all about.


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