Film Review – Ant-Man


ant man

I have to admit I had no expectations for this film. I’m not a fan of the comic books so I knew very little about the character and his source material. All I really knew going into the cinema was that comic book fans had massive doubts about a film being able to work and that many people were beginning to feel that Marvel was starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel of their characters in order to make money.

Well firstly, making money is sort of the point, so I wasn’t all that bothered about Marvel doing that and I loved the trailer. So I went to see the film with an open mind and I absolutely loved the film from start to finish.

The only issue I have with the film is that the villain is a bit of a wet fish to be honest. I think the fact he’s been driven insane by working with the chemical that he’s been working on needed to be emphasised a lot more. It’s a bit of a running joke that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a habit of producing disposable villains, and in the case of Ant-Man that was quite unfortunate really, as the rest of the film is really good.

I like Paul Rudd’s character Scott Lang, because he is a decent guy who wants to do the best for his daughter, but because of his criminal background he gets unfairly judged because he’s done time. Quite honestly I can see why ex-cons end up turning back to crime, because no matter how well they are rehabilitated, society quite frankly needs to be re-educated as well. He is accused of taking the easy way out and going back to crime; well as far as I could see he had no other way because he’s still being punished for the crimes he committed.

That little quibble aside, I really liked the film. It’s not as complex as other Marvel films have been. Everything was black and white, and there were no nuances to try to figure out. It was also really funny; the story and the characters certainly relied more on humour than previous Marvel films and this was one of the things I found really refreshing about the movie. The film is very easy to watch and it’s great is you want to watch a high quality action film that doesn’t tax you too much.

The other thing I liked was the entire concept of Ant-Man; a tiny man sees the world in a completely different way and I think this was brilliantly executed in the film. It was a different perspective on how a superhero can be skilled. Seeing one tiny hero was great, and I’m looking forward to seeing The Wasp in action as well in the next film.

The final thing I loved about the film is that it was Scott Lang and not Evangeline Lilly’s character Hope, wearing the suit because Hank Pym was trying to keep his daughter safe because she isn’t indispensable. When combined with Scott’s desire to do right by his daughter, it makes Ant-Man a film about people trying to save the world in order to protect their families, and that it is love for family rather than fights for a throne or patriotism that drives Scott to become the Ant-Man.

It’s very relatable to lot of people, and it makes Ant-Man one of the most human of the Marvel heroes.


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