Film Review – The Bourne Supremacy


the bourne supremacy

It wasn’t until very recently that I became skeptical of sequels and the set up of franchises. I’m getting a bit wary that Hollywood is losing its way when it comes to finding new and exciting ideas that aren’t part of an existing franchises or adapted from the latest YA trilogy taking teens and other YA fans by storm.

However, when The Bourne Supremacy was released in 2004 I was nothing but excited that they had made another adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s work. While the nitty-gritty action wasn’t fresh anymore, the powerful story was still fantastic to watch.

While I was a bit disappointed that the action scenes had obviously been ramped up to attract audiences who had enjoyed the realism of The Bourne Identity, I wasn’t let down by the plot being compromised for the action. If anything the story in The Bourne Supremacy is even better.

The first film was very much about Jason Bourne trying to figure out who he is and why he ended up in the ocean with some bullets in his back. In the second film though he’s been set up, his girlfriend has been assassinated, and he is in better command of his abilities, and decides to use them on purpose. The plot is gripping and full of great twists and is thoroughly entertaining to watch.

The other reason I keep coming back to the films is also because of the human side that they are not afraid of showing. Matt Damon portrays Jason Bourne as a vulnerable character. In the Bourne Identity it is because he’s woken up and doesn’t know who he is, which anyone would find frightening. In the Bourne Supremacy you get to see even more of that because you see that Bourne and Marie have build a life together, and that gets ripped away because of senseless selfish people protecting their own interests.

In the closing scenes when he is apologising for murdering a girl’s parents you see just how much more human this killing machine is than the senseless and selfish people who for years call him little more than an asset. Yes, Daniel Craig gets all moody and broody about Vesper, and while the influence of the Bourne films clearly impacted the iconic 007 franchise, Jason Bourne is just miles ahead of Bond in terms of being able to connect┬áto an audience.

If you enjoyed The Bourne Identity then the The Bourne Supremacy is definitely for you; it draws on everything that was good about the first film and makes it even better.


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