Film Review – The Bourne Ultimatum


the bourne ultimatum

I have to admit that for years I wasn’t as enthused with the final film of the Bourne Trilogy starring Matt Damon as I was with the first two films. I think the sudden jump back in time from where the second film had ended in New York, back in time to Moscow was jarring and there was just something about the plot that stopped adding up.

However having watched it again very recently in prep for the new film coming out, I will admit that for years I have been very, very wrong.

The action sequences and the performances are brilliant, but I don’t get the same buzz from the Ultimatum as I do from Identity or Supremacy when it comes to these scenes. I assume it is because that what had made Identity so fresh when it came out, has now become the industry standard.

I think for me for years the third film didn’t have a good place in my opinion because of the fresh take on action films that it’s predecessors had brought to the genre was now being wheeled out in other franchises. It wasn’t different anymore.

However, on my recent re-watch, I have discovered something about the film that I have never noticed before, and given that this is something that I normally notice above anything else, I’m a bit surprised. The plot in Bourne Ultimatum is utterly brilliant. I think for years that I had a problem because the plot gave off the impression it was wrapping up the trilogy.

I never had the impression that the Bourne films were going to have a definite end. There was always going to be loose ends because given the films were more realistic in certain ways, I thought the plot would go the same way. It didn’t, the filmmakers tied up the journey. And for some reason for years I had a massive problem with these.

However, I watched all three films together in succession (I am one of those geeks that do Star Wars and LOTR/Hobbit marathons; I did one with the Bourne Trilogy too), and when you see them together the plot, the action, the character developments, everything is just miles and miles better than if you watch them spaced apart. These films are good stand-alone films, but they are even better as a trilogy, and as a part of the trilogy, The Bourne Ultimatum is just as good as Identity and Supremacy.

This film might not be as fresh as what Identity introduced to the genre, but the quality of what the Bourne franchise created is maintained in Ultimatum, and the trilogy as a whole is easily one of the very best action franchises out there.


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