Book Review – Girl Up by Laura Bates


girl up

I really adore the work that Laura Bates has done to bring the problems of sexism to the forefront. I can’t say I love her book Everyday Sexism, because there some truly awful things in there, but I love the idea of her work. Her latest book Girl Up though I really love, from cover to cover.

The book is essentially a lot of advice for girls (and it can be applicable to anyone) of how to survive and thrive in the modern world. Really it is the book that I wish I had growing up to help me make sense of the confusing and fast changing world around me, that somehow was always holding me back for reasons I didn’t entirely understand.

I wasn’t aware of what feminism was as a teenager, I discovered it in my twenties. I understand now that a lot of the things that were holding me back came just from me being a girl. Laura Bates’ book is essentially a guide telling you that is alright to be a girl, that it is nothing to be ashamed of because you have been born as you are and how to defeat those detractors who belittle you.

I very much think this book is essential reading for everyone, not just teenage girls, because you are either a feminist or you are sexist.

If you don’t believe yourself to be either of those things, then this book is very informative, easy to read and concise in explaining why Feminism is not a dirty word and why being a Feminist is not something to shy away from being. It is not about hating men, or women trying to rule the world at the expense of men, Feminism is about ensuring that men and women are both seen as human beings.

Laura Bates’ work includes a lot of real life examples of why at the moment, no matter what you may think, Feminism is as relevant today as it has been since Feminists first starting campaigning for equal rights. Women might be more equal than we were before, but there is still a lot of work to do, and this book helps individuals guide themselves through the world and change it for the benefit of everyone, including men.

A lot of what is in there I will admit I did already know, but I would consider myself an well informed person when it comes to feminism, via other reading I’ve done, things I’ve found on Pinterest and Tumblr, and via talks I’ve attended. However, even I learnt things, and even with the things I already knew, the book boosted my confidence and self-esteem.

Highly, highly recommended.


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