Liebster Award – Take Three



I’ve been nominated again for the Liebster Award, this time by the awesome The Silver Screen Savant. Thank you very much as I love doing these posts.

These are the questions I’ve been asked to answer.

  • If you would write a movie, what would it be about?

I normally write fantasy, but when I write scripts I write drama, usually a mixture of romance and crime.

  • If they would make a movie about you, what would the title be?

A World of My Own – I’m a bit of a daydreamer, and as an only child I played a lot of imaginary games. This influenced me as a writer and was part of my recovery from depression.

  • If they would make a movie about you, whom would you like to play you?

This is a really hard question because the movie about me would be about me being a child and a young adult. Jennifer Lawrence is the first name coming to mind, but Mara Wilson if she still did acting work would be a favourite as well.

  • What is your favourite video game?

This is a hard choice between Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter 1-4 and Lego City. There’s a theme you can see – I don’t like all the Lego games, but I like the idea behind them.

I also quite like being in the room while any of the Ezio Assassin’s Creed games are being played. I really love that character, a lot more than any of the others characters from Assassin’s Creed.

  • Where is Waldo?

Not sure where he is, but I know I have one of his hats that I crocheted about ten years ago for a costume party in my sock drawer.

  • Who is your favourite superhero?

Captain America from the MCU. I just adore his principles and the fact he isn’t arrogant. Not everything special about him came from a bottle; his humility was the reason he was giving the opportunities he got.

  • Penguin or polar bear?

Polar Bear – bears are my favourite animals, though penguins are very cute too.

  • If you come home after a long and exhausting day, what cheers you up the most?

A comforting home cooked meal, good television and some crochet.

  • Use a metaphor to describe Donald Trump’s hair.

Donald Trump’s hair is something PETA should be worried about.

  • What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Mint Chocolate Chip hands down.

  • And let’s finish with a classic; cats or dogs?

Dogs – I like cats but they make me sneeze.

Normally this tag works now by me now nominating others, except this is my third time doing a Liebster post, I’m going to have to break the chain I’m afraid and take a break from nominating others this time around.


About kabrown4

A quaint life full of teacups searched for inspiration to fuel a writer dreaming of fantasy worlds that are full of friends found only in words. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and over the years I have developed many stories and many characters. This is my blog about the journeys I've been on over the years, and the road I'm still travelling as a writer.

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