TV Review: Agent Carter – Season 2


agent carter season 2

It took me a while to connect to the second season of Agent Carter, certainly longer than it did with season one, but the show is still utterly brilliant, and the storyline in season two is even better than the first season.

I think the reason it took me a bit longer to connect to what they were doing in season two has to do with the fact that the creators no longer needed to prove to the audience that a woman is able to be multi-dimensional and a capable character, while also being the lead. Throughout all of season one it was all about proving that Peggy Carter is deserving of the job she has earned and being respected as a capable woman.

The creators have toned that down for the second season, because that no longer needs to be proved, it has been established, and it is toning down that makes the second season so brilliant. It doesn’t need to be pointed out that Peggy Carter is a capable, because the show has established that this is perfectly normal. They have made having a ‘strong female’ character normal.

Someone please pat them on the back, and don’t whatever you do ask them why they wrote a ‘strong female character’, because I will throw a Joss Whedon quote at you.

Go on I will anyway but I’ll make it small.


The second season of Agent Carter is a fab romp through LA, starting with a lake freezing over, and ending with a very satisfying development. It is fun, funny and as fabulous as Agent Carter herself.


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