Review – Frozen



I’ve seen Frozen more than once now, and I have to admit my response each time has been ‘Was that it?’. Considering the amount of hype surrounding the film and the amount of merchandising I am surprised each time I watch the film. Admittedly some could say the same with The Force Awakens in terms of the hype surrounding that film, but with Frozen I really don’t get it.

Maybe I’m missing something because I’m not really a member of the target audience, i.e. under the age of eight, but while I will say it is a good film, I don’t think it is as good as some of the classic films I grew up watching that had a strong message for kids to learn. Films like Ferngully still capture my imagination; I doubt if Frozen had been part of my childhood it would continue to have it’s magical affect on me as an adult.

The strong message of love for ones family and accepting yourself as a person is great, and I applaud Disney for doing it, but I do have a massive problem with the writing of the film. I can tell that Elsa was supposed to be the antagonist, not just because I know the actual story of the Ice Queen, but because Disney never really found a better replacement. The twist of Hans’ character is great, but it isn’t as powerful as the potential Elsa had being the villain.

Also the Rock Trolls and Olaf are story lines that are included as padding. Olaf is a great character, but you could easily remove him from the story and the story wouldn’t change; you’d just need Sven to rescue Anna from Hans’ trap. Olaf and the Rock Trolls are included to add extra dimensions to a story in order to make the film longer. If Elsa had been the villian the story would have been complex enough without them, which would have saved me from having to sit through a few torturous songs about if you change someone and fix them up they’ll do. UGH!!!!

I think the greatest shame is that the creators thought that a song as good as ‘Let it go’ couldn’t be a villain’s song, because they changed the rest of the film to fit that song, and I think that is where they went wrong for me. But then again I’m not a kid, so the film isn’t really meant for me anyway, and it is a good film.


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