Film Review – Wreck-It Ralph



I will admit that this film completely passed me by; I don’t remember there being much hype about it and I don’t remember it being in the cinema. Hopefully others caught on though, because this is a brilliant film, and it took me completely by surprise.

I really loved it from the moment that I saw the world-building, and the interactions that the various arcade games were able to have with each other. I also loved the mix of effects that came from the various digital renderings of the different games; with those of the newer games having a better quality. In terms of the visual the film is amazing.

The characters though are even better. I very much love that this film’s protagonist is actually the antagonist in the game he’s involved in, and the emotional impact that people under go because they are being excluded. This film is all about the impact on people who are excluded from society for various non-reasons.

As a victim of bullying myself, both when I lived in America because I was the English girl, and ironically when I came back home because I was the ‘American’ girl, if my bullies had seen the impact they had on me emotionally I think they would have stopped and thought about their actions. The entire reason the film happens is because Ralph wants to be accepted by his fellow game mates.

He sets off a chain of events, and he ends up uncovering corruption in another game, where those in power are also practising exclusion on a massive scale in order to maintain the status quo. If that isn’t a warning to kids about how society can become corrupt and complacent when the status quo suits them (shout out to all the men out there who are feminists too – you guys are awesome) then I don’t know another analogy to compare it to.

This film is about teaching kids that exclusion whether personal or deemed socially acceptable is never right. Wreck-It Ralph is a fabulous film, and a bit under-rated I think. It’s message that shows that bullying has its effects is a great message for kids, and I highly recommend it.


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  1. I saw this movie when it was in the cinemas but I watched it at home in crappy quality because they only had the Dutch dubbed version here on the big screen -_-. But! Absolutely loved it! 🙂

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