Film Review – It’s Complicated


it complicated

I’m not sure whether I enjoyed ‘It’s Complicated’ or not. I will give it this, I have been thinking about it since, so it is certainly not a forgettable film. I think the reason I wasn’t sure as I was watching the film is because I really deeply dislike Alec Baldwin’ character Jake.

He’s just an awful partner and a very selfish man, and I think Meryl Streep’s character Jane is making a massive mistake getting back together with him.¬†However, that is what makes the film good, because in real life people do make romantic mistakes, and they do make them while good things are happening in their lives.

I’m not a massive fan of Steve Martin normally but I really love his character Adam in this film. He’s a really nice guy, who isn’t afraid of having a good laugh but also stand up for himself; he tells Jane he doesn’t want to be hurt again, and the moment he says it you just know that he’s going to be.

I also really liked the film because it was about older people dealing with the complications of romance. If you just base your opinion about romance on the majority of chick flicks you would think that it could only be between young, and physically attractive people in their twenties and early thirties. This film is a big shout out that love in the films can be ageless, and just as must of a mine field to navigate no matter what your age.

There could be an argument made that these characters are more complex and more rounded because they are meant to be older characters, and they don’t have the physical attractiveness of youth to explain the chemistry. Except I don’t want to make that argument. The characters in this film are a lot more complex than in normal chick flicks, and to be honest I’m ashamed of that fact.

They are obviously more complex because them having personality ‘makes up’ for them not being young any more, and I hate that. Everyone in the film was a beautiful person, and in all chick flicks all characters should be as complex as they were in ‘It’s Complicated’. There shouldn’t have ¬†to be an over compensation of personality just because the characters are meant to be older and therefore perceived as not attractive enough to explain the romance, but equally in chick flicks about younger people the characters shouldn’t be left as simplistic just because the ‘attractive’ actors can sell the romance purely on looks and chemistry.

You see, I did tell you I’ve been thinking a lot about this film. I really liked the film, and the concept, but it has made me think quite a bit that the complexity of the characters in this film could be a genre standard, not the exception and certainly not because the characters in question are older. That’s ageism, and it drives me nuts.



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