Film Review – Kubo and the Two Strings


*Plot Spoilers*

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Again this film is another one of those ones like Zootopia that I was encouraged to go and see by fellow bloggers, especially after my plea begging for more originality in film making, and films that look beyond superheroes and franchises.

I absolutely loved ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’. It is a classic quest story, with fabulous magical elements and heart warming characters. It is certainly not a wholly heart warming story and there are some elements that could freak out younger children, but there are certainly themes in the story that children need to be exposed to.

Sadly one of those is the burden that some children in the world have to bear of caring for a frail parent and the film does not shy away from the grief of losing a parent. In fact the reason the story happens is because Kubo has the burden of caring for his ill mother, and ends up in trouble by staying out after dark because he was busy asking his deceased father’s spirit for help.

In truth he should have listened to his mother and been home on time, but I could never blame him for not listening because everyone has a breaking point, and a child should never have such a burden. Real life is not as kind though.

The conclusion of the story is kind though; while the plot was a bit like a plot of a video game akin to Zelda, the characters of the story were kind in the end, when they have every right to not be. It is a great lesson to teach kids.

I also really loved the film because of the sheer amount of imagination and visual wonder that went into its creation. Even if you’re not interested in the plot and the lessons taught to students, it is a beautiful film to watch as the effects used and the magic used by the characters is stunning.

Highly recommend this film for older children, and adults alike. It is simply stunning.


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