Film Review: The Girl on the Train



I will admit that I wasn’t all that fussed about going to see this movie, but my husband wanted to go so we did. I never got caught up in the hype of the book, purely because thriller’s with ‘surprise’ twists at the end are for me usually a massive disappointment.

Years of watching and reading murder mysteries by the likes of Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, Elizabeth George and the makers of Midsomer Murders has trained me into guessing very quickly who did what and why based on the smallest of hints. You never know I might enjoy the book, but honestly I very much doubt it. I’d guessed within an hour of the film what the end was going to be, so like I said not my sort of thing, but if it is yours then you’d probably absolutely love it.

Saying that though I did think the film was bloody brilliant. The only thing that might tempt me to try the book would be that it seems to have a multiple perspective set-up, at least based on how they put together the film, but it would be for writer reasons I’d give it a try rather than for pleasure. Seeing that constructed in the film though worked exceptionally well, especially as the story lines were tying up at the end, and you got to see the same scene from a different viewpoint.

Structural comments aside, I absolutely loved the film, not necessarily because of the plot which I found a bit boring, but because of the characters themselves. It was great seeing three dimension female characters who are a bit messed up being portrayed on the big screen. I especially loved Emily Blunt’s portrayal of a drunk troubled woman coming to terms with the possibility that’s she’s done something terribly wrong.

However, despite the female characters being three dimensional, the emphasis placed on them being there as sexual objects and as one describes it being part of ‘the baby factory’ did annoy the hell out of me. It was great seeing that these women were being portrayed as having issues with addiction, with their relationships, with being confident in talking about their sexuality, but having all the roots of the problems stemming from them being there to have sex with men and their ability or ‘lack of’ to have children lacked imagination as far as I was concerned.

The film is great and I certainly can’t fault the acting, and while the structure of the plot was well put together I was bored by the predictability of the plot and the lack of imagination in the creation of these women’s problems.


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