Film Review – Inferno



I haven’t read the book yet this film is adapted from yet, as Dan Brown has sort of fallen off my radar at the moment, but I have been told that it is most certainly a one I need to check out and I will.

I really love the films based on his books though, especially Angels and Demons, so I was quite excited by going and seeing this film. I will admit I was a little bit disappointed. I have been told that they have changed the plot in the film, and made it a little bit more Hollywood than the book, but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting.

Saying that it isn’t a bad film, it just isn’t as good as the others they’ve made. However, the characters are well portrayed, the plot keeps moving throughout, and even if bits of it seem a bit weird everything is explained and tied up very nicely.

I think the best thing I found about the film was the geographical locations. Having recently been to Florence and Venice over the summer (and we were also in Paris and Rome, so we did have a bit of a Dan Brown marathon while we were away, watching all the places we were visiting on screen), seeing Florence and Venice on the big screen was for me the most appealing thing about the film.

Though filmmakers please note, the Boboli Gardens are next to the Palazzo Pitti not the Palazzo Vecchio. The walking distance between those two places is twenty to twenty five minutes depending on how busy the streets are, and yes while the Vasari Corridor joins them together that doesn’t mean they are next to each other.

The film is definitely worth a watch if you like the Dan Brown films, but don’t go with high expectations.


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    • The more and more I think about this film the less and less I’m bothered about seeing it again. Angels and Demons I will happily watch again and again, but I just wasn’t fussed at all.
      It’s a shame really that this film somehow made Florence and Venice a bit forgettable.

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