Film Review: Assassin’s Creed



I will admit I did not walk into the cinema with particularly high expectations – I mainly walked in because my husband, who has been playing the games for years, wanted to go and see it. While I know the concept behind the game, and the basic plots in the games, I wouldn’t exactly say that my half-hour attempt of playing the first game myself makes me an expert.

However, I really should consider walking into a cinema with lower expectations more often, because after being severely disappointed with the likes of Batman vs Superman, and Captain America: Civil War after being really excited about them, I can honestly say that I walked out of Assassin’s Creed a lot more satisfied than when I did with the other two.

I genuinely enjoyed myself. I mean there isn’t much in the way of plot, or of character development, and there was a lot less happening in medieval Spain that I had hoped there might be, but I actually liked the film.

I mean I’m not head over heels in love with the film, but if you are looking for a film that doesn’t require you to concentrate too much on remembering intricate plot details that become relevant two hours later then Assassin’s Creed would suit you, because not much brain power is needed. And I mean that as a compliment, because honestly I sometimes just want to relax and switch off.

With Assassin’s Creed you can kick back and relax ¬†and just watch some pretty impressive looking action sequences, that are interjected with maybe just a little bit too much talking. You also get to watch some very notable and acclaimed actors actually proving they are very good at their jobs by doing the very best they could with not much in the way of substance in terms of the fantastical science fiction concepts that were even a bit of a hilarious notion in the games, neither mind in a film.

I liked what they did though; it is hardly going to be a beacon I will use as an example of great writing and subtle character development, but sometimes entertainment doesn’t need that.

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