Film Review – Captain America: Civil War


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I will admit this review is more than a little bit overdue. The main reason being is that I had been so excited about this film when it came out in the cinema, that when I left disappointed that I had been so bored, annoyed and angry about the film, I didn’t feel like writing a review. I didn’t want to think about, so I just moved on.

Naturally of course when it came to doing a Marvel Movie marathon over the festive holidays, I couldn’t just ignore the film, so I watched it again, and I desperately tried to be objective. I really just can’t be. I hate this film, for a singular reason.

It is not a Captain America film – it is an Avenger’s film marketed as a Captain America film, where Captain America doesn’t even get to be his own protagonist – he has to share the role with Tony Stark, who is my least favourite Marvel character to start with, and also be the launch platform for Spiderman and Black Panther. Seriously, I’m surprised a kitchen sink wasn’t thrown in the battle in the airport, because Marvel literally threw everything else into this film. I half expected Mjolnir to shoot past the battle scene at one point.

Fine the plot made sense, the characters didn’t really do anything that was out of character, and you can’t deny that it is a decent film. It has its highlights when Bucky and Falcon snipe at each other, but other than, nah, not for me.

None of that stops me from being bored while I watch it; frustrated while the heroes fight each other but don’t actually mean it the majority of the time (unlike Superman and Batman who were at least having a proper go at each other for all of two minutes); and angry that the sequel to The Winter Soldier (which got me hooked onto the films in the first place) is actually a sequel to Age of Ultron. UGH!!!!

If you’re a fan of the MCU then yes it is a must see film, however literally the only consequences of the film is that Captain America and Tony Stark now only talk via voice over letters (vast improvement on the bickering really, and you only hear Steve’s voice), and the Black Panther is actually a decent character, whose film has potential. Other than that, despite having a bit of a scrap the characters didn’t really have a Civil War, and its proved that Accords or not, you can’t imprison those that step out of line because even without his shield Captain America’s able to break them out.

Pointless film.

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